[omniORB] How can I creat a hot-standby name service?

Duncan Grisby duncan@grisby.org
Mon Jul 22 15:55:01 2002

On Monday 22 July, "zlr" wrote:

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>     In our project, we want to install name service and Database in same
> pc.
>     The problem is our database can suppore hot standby. If the Database
> is switch over( the name service also switch over to another PC ), the
> new client will cannot connect to server which is running.
>     Who can tell me how can I resolve this problem?

If you are using omniORB 4.0, you can create a reference to the naming
service that contains multiple addresses, with a URI like
"corbaname::1.2@first.host.name,:1.2@second.host.name". The 1.2
version selection is important, since 1.0 doesn't support the
alternate addresses.

If you do that, omniORB will transparently fall over to using the
second address if the first one fails (and go back to the first one if
the second one fails, and so on...).

If you want all the NamingContexts within the name service to publish
both addresses, look into the endPointNoPublish option.

In omniORB 3.0, there's no option but to make the applications aware
of the situation and have them retry if they get COMM_FAILUREs.



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