[omniORB] Assertion failed in shutdown

Ivanov, Roumen Roumen.Ivanov@dresdner-bank.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:15:25 +0200

Hi all,
omniORB 3.0.3
HP 11.0 and Windows NT
In my cleanup procedure, after deactivating all servants I have:


I'm getting assertion failure with the following trace (trace level 30):

omniORB: omniRemoteIdentity deleted.
omniORB: strand Rope::decrRefCount: old value = 1
omniORB: ObjRef() -- deleted.
omniORB: Preparing to shutdown ORB.
omniORB: Starting an ORB shutdown thread.
omniORB: ORB shutdown thread started.
omniORB: Deinitialising omniDynamic library.
omniORB: Destroying POA(RootPOA).
omniORB: Deactivating all POA(RootPOA)'s objects.
omniORB: Waiting for requests to complete on POA(RootPOA).
omniORB: Etherealising POA(RootPOA)'s objects.
omniORB: Destruction of POA(RootPOA) complete.
omniORB: Assertion failed.  This indicates a bug in omniORB.
 file: ..\objectAdapter.cc
 line: 196
 info: num_active_oas == 0

Any ideas? Some already fixed bug?

Thanks in anticipation,