[omniORB] From COM to CORBA...

Len Holgate (Mail List Account) Mail-lists@dial.pipex.com
Sun, 4 Mar 2001 13:02:34 -0000

>    Basically, proper reference counting is impossible in CORBA
> since object references can be stringified, allowing unlimited
> copying without the ORB knowing about it. Since someone could come
> across the string, type it in, run string_to_object()/narrow() on
> it, and use it any time in the future, you can never really know
> when the object is no longer needed.

That's true. I'd forgotten the stringified object reference issue ... I
sense a complete reworking of my articles coming on :)

>    This could be nice to have. Just join the OMG and bring it up
> at the next Core RTF meeting. Make sure your proposal covers both
> the server pinging clients and clients sending "keep alive" messages
> to the server, with or without timer reset on normal operation
> invocation, and with configurable ping interval and retry count.
> You'll have to add policies to the POA for all your new options,
> and probably a GIOP/IOR enhancement to communicate policies and
> ping messages to the client. Oh, and you'll have to convince two
> ORB vendors to implement it within a year, too. :-)

As easy as that huh? :) I may have a play and see if I can get something to
work with omni, just for interest value.