[omniORB] Problem when porting the orbix code

GAO,YAN (HP-Singapore,ex3) yan_gao@hp.com
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 11:00:16 +0800


I am trying to evaluate the Omni Orb and to see whether we could port code
using Orbix.

I got two question and like to know someone could help me out.

1)	Previously when we use Orbix Orb, for example, We startup process B
from Process A by using API newSharedServer to get B process started. In
fact this API will request Orbixd to fork the process B for it. How can we
do that if using Omni Orb?

2)	In our server application, the code is something like following:

	     processNextEvent(TIMEOUT);  // in Orbix processnextEvent will
block for TIMEOUT before its function was called.
	                                                        // if  no
request coming in, following code will be executed.
	     Doing other jobs;

	But in Omni Orb, it use orb-> run to block there and we can not get
our other job done, how can we achieve that?

	Thanks in advance,

	Gao Yan