AW: [omniORB] thread pool
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 15:35:53 +0100


I have a question about what a thread per connection means.
In Corba, when is a new connection to a server created? Per client, per
client <-> object pair? If the first would be true, the request of a
multithreaded client would be serialized.

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	On Wednesday 13 December, trohed wrote:

	> I am needing a to write a server that uses a thread
	> pool, but I am confused about how to do this using
	> omniORB and the POA.  Any Suggestions?

	Why do you need a thread pool?  Is omniORB's thread per connection
	model not sufficient?  If you do need a thread pool, you will have
	implement it yourself, on top of omniORB's threading.



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