[omniORB] omniORB2.6.1: large number of operations in an interface cuases compile error on NT

Gary D. Duzan gdd0@gte.com
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:00:39 -0400

   I believe the expression was changed in 2.8.0 to not use else
clauses, so you might try upgrading.

					Gary Duzan
					GTE Laboratories

In Message <380642D7.2CF525C6@tumbleweed.com> ,
   bjorde@tumbleweed.com (Bjorn Jorde) wrote:

=>I'm running into a problem compiling the generated file from an
=>interface with a large number of operations ( > 120).
=>The idl compiler generates the code fine, but it does not compile on
=>NT using VC++ 5.0:
=>D:\s2\Posta\Idl\Server\Generated\TW_Session_Gen.cpp(29352) : fatal error
=>C1061: compiler limit : blocks nested too deeply
=>Error executing cl.exe.
=>This error is in the dispatch function and is caused by too many if else
=>BTW, this compiles fine on Solaris.
=>Does anybody have a solution for this short of rewriting the interface
=>to have fewer operations?
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=>Bj=F8rn Jorde
=>Senior Software Engineer
=>Tumbleweed Communications Corp.