[omniORB] Compiling Omniorb 2.7.0 on Solaris 2.6

Brecht Vermeulen Brecht.Vermeulen@rug.ac.be
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 21:40:02 +0100 (MET)

> Brecht,
> It may well be the compiler. No commercial software should give seg faults 
> or bus errors even if you give them bad input - it's meant to report errors
> in a useful fashion. I've certainly seen the IRIX CC fall over on a few 
> of these files. A good rule seems to be :  if it doesn't work with -O2 
> try it with no optimization. Then again you may need to patch the SUNpro
> compiler and/or linker.
> (I think I had some success with SUNWpro 4.2 a while ago)
> cheers,
>  James

Ive retried without optimization, but it's just the same, bus error on
omninames, then genior...

(and the install-sh that not succeeded)

I ve retried on another sun now, and now the install-sh worked, and it's
only omniNames that gives a bus error. ( I'm not a maintainer of the suns
here ). So, the three examples work perfect on Solaris, with omniNames on
Linux. But
my application (that works well under Linux with omniORB, and on Sun with
Orbix2.2MT) gives :

libc internal error: _rmutex_unlock: rmutex not held.   

is this the secret message to run Linux on the Sun instead of Solaris ?

thnx for the help,
Brecht Vermeulen
engineering student