[omniORB] SCO OpenServer version problem

Vladimir Otryshko otryshko@profix.kiev.ua
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 13:47:43 +0300


Trying to install omniORB 2.7.1 on SCO Open Server 5.0.0, using egsc -1.1.2.
and FSUPThreads3.5 After fixes, proposed in this list at 11.1998, I succeded
to compile it.

Catior, convertior and thread examples works right,
but nor omniNames, neither eg(1,2,3) do not run. As far as I could find,
it fails somethere at BOA_Init in


It just goes out there and don't go in the following catch(...) block.

Any comments are quite welcome.

Good luck,
Vladimir Otryshko