[omniORB] Asking some help for writing code with MFC or WIN32

Erlend V Bøe evb@kerridge.com
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:35:05 +0000


Why dont you write the client in Java, or use the Qt (www.troll.no)
toolkit to write the GUI, so that the client can be used on all


Cristi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm very new with CORBA.
> I'd like you to tell me a few words of how to create a client application in
> Windows (with MFC or WIN32). I will build it with MSVC.
> I don't even know how to call ORB_init.
> I wrote some console applications and they worked just fine. But it seems
> different for me with WIN32 or MFC.
> I mention that I already wrote an implementation on Linux, but I want the
> client to be on Windows (for the features of UI).
> Thanks a lot.
> Cristi

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