[omniORB] small bug omnithread nt implementation.

David Riddoch djr@uk.research.att.com
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 16:17:17 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your message - I did get it, but I think it took a while. I've
applied most of the patch you attached ...

> Fixes:
> * There is a mistake in (I think) constants with interface scope 
> which assumes that VC6 is ANSI compliant which it most certainly is 
> not!

Yep - we assumed when we wrote this that the next verion would be
compliant. Could you tell me the value of _MSC_VER for VC6 please?

> * There is a mistake with DLL export declarations that causes a 
> warning and doesn't actually have the desired effect (although I 
> don't actually see any other ill effect).

Done, thanks.

> * The bug in omni_thread timedwait.

> * Changes to make shared objects (.so) libraries using the GNU 
> toolset under Solaris.

These make files have changed a bit. Could you check that this is still
needed for 2.7, and if so give me a diff against that?

Many thanks,