C bindings for OmniORB?

Bart Schuller schuller@lunatech.com
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 23:55:37 +0100

On Jan 13, Philip Dawes wrote
> This becomes a bit more difficult when you're dealing with 'free' (as in
> the FSF sense) projects like gnome, (Please, no discussions of freeness
> here - this one's been done to death), since OmniBroker isn't 'free'
> enough. Mico has a similar facility with its idl compiler which can feed
> its IR, but the gnome project really wants a small fast orb with lots of
> languages - at the moment mico doesn't fit this bill either, and having
> two orbs present in the system is a bit out of the question at the
> moment.

Well, here's where things start getting interesting. I agree that the
distribution terms for OmniBroker aren't free enough, but I think my use
of OmniBroker is perfectly within the limits of its license.

Let's assume that the OmniBroker "free for freeware use" license only
applies to the code itself (that is, the orb may only be incorporated
for free into freeware projects). Since I'm not incorporating the code,
only running it, I'm not hindered by that license.

So I think my own orb (when using the OmniBroker IR) is free in the FSF

> So that leaves either porting mico's IR for omniorb, or writing one from

If you have a problem with mico's license (what problem btw?), won't
that problem also hold for the IR code?

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