[omniORB] Standard ?

Gary D. Duzan gdd0@gte.com
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 13:58:49 -0400

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   boris@imagine-sw.com (Boris Khanales) wrote:

=>I think most idl compilers will compile
=>interface A
=> void foo( void );
=>void A::foo( Enviroment & )
=>OMNI does it like this
=>void A::foo( void )
=>Should it be Enviroment here?

   From CORBA 2.0, section 16.16:

      Unlike the C mapping, C++ operations do not require an additional
      Environment parameter for passing exception information; real C++
      exceptions are used for this purpose. See Section 16.15, Mapping
      for Exception Types, and Section D.3, Without Exception Handling,
      for more details.

=>Any plans to support long long -> CORBA:LongLong type ?
=>3. Any plans to support/implement POA (Portable Object Adaptor) ?

   I can't speak to these. If so, I wouldn't expect them soon.

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