[omniORB] porting from omniORB to ORBIX

shavale@cvimail.cv.com shavale@cvimail.cv.com
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 14:45:18 +0530

I am porting my server application ( C/C++ application )
which works with omniORB to ORBIX. The Client application 
is in Java and uses JavaIDL.

My server works fine with omniORB but when I use it with 
ORBIX ( both ST and MT ) I get a segv in impl_is_ready.

I suspect this is due to the way ORBIX uses the select
system call on UNIX.

Have you ever faced similar problem with ORBIX.
If so contact me at shavale@cvimail.cv.com

Ranga Havale
Senior Engineer
Computervision R & D ( India ) Pvt. Ltd