omniORBpy 1.0 bugs

The following bugs in omniORBpy 1.0 have been fixed. Update from Subversion to get the fixes.

Summary: Possible segfault in invalid local calls (bug number 4)
Date: Wed Jul 26 17:01:36 BST 2000
Description: Passing an invalid sequence or array of unsigned longs in a local call could lead to a segfault in the Python interpreter.

Summary: ImportError due to undefined symbols (bug number 3)
Date: Wed Jul 19 18:03:11 BST 2000
Description: If you have patched omniORB 3.0.0 to fix bug 5, you will see undefined symbols for things to do with tracedmutex or tracedcondition when you try to import the omniORBpy modules. To fix this, make a clean build of omniORBpy, with "make clean; make export".

Summary: omniidl name look-up is more strict (bug number 2)
Date: Wed Jul 19 17:22:34 BST 2000
Description: When looking-up a name, omniidl now raises an error if a name which differs only in case is found along the look-up path. Before, it would ignore the name and continue until an exact match was found.

Summary: IDL compiler bug -- inheritance from typedef (bug number 1)
Date: Tue Jul 18 16:19:27 BST 2000
Reported by: Renzo Tomaselli