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thank's a lot for your replay.

I was trying to install omniORB as a dependency of salome (salome platform). 
After my mail to you, I have found the binaries to compile in which there are de
pendencies included (with omniORB). I have tried to build, and all proceeds with
out errors.
When I run the script to launch salome, I have this error: 
/usr/bin/env: ‘python’: No such file or directory

I think it is a matter to build a link. I am trying.

In any case I appreciate your support.


Marco Conte
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Ogg: Re: [omniORB] omniORB cross-compilation issue

On Wed, 2017-12-06 at 12:34 +0000, Yurkov, Vyacheslav wrote:

> I produce several builds: target, native and nativesdk. Nativesdk
> build actually contains omniidl. It's intended for developers and
> supposed to run on the other developer's machine, neither compile
> host, nor the target (although operating system matches compile
> host).

OK. That is not the normal case for cross-compilation, but if it works
for you then it's a reasonable thing to do.

Considering what you are doing, I can see why you want to use
#!/usr/bin/env python in the omniidl script. However, that can't be
done in the core distribution because it would break for any user who
uses a python executable that is not the first one in the PATH.


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