The error was 'No module named python'

szyk100 szyk100 at
Sat Sep 5 18:44:18 BST 2015

I have succesfully compiled Omniorb. And now I am trying to run sample aplication from there:
I follow instructions and I open cmd.exe and type:
omniidl -bpython adder.idl tictactoe.idl
But I got error:
C:\!-pro\x-ksiazki\Distributed Applications with CORBA\code>omniidl -p"C:\x-unix\omniORB\lib\x86_win32" -bpython adder.idl tictactoe.idl
omniidl: Could not import back-end 'python'
omniidl: Maybe you need to use the -p option?
omniidl: (The error was 'No module named python')

I have python 2.7 64bit (from Actirve State) in path (I checked it - prompt runing with out problems).
I googled for thet error and I found some info about PYTHONPATH, and I set it with path to python also.
But it still not work. :(
Please help me, as I am very kin of Corba and pyhon with Corba.

Szyk Cech

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