[omniORB] parse error in log file

Wagner, Marcus (Marcus) marcuswagner at avaya.com
Tue Jan 7 16:44:48 GMT 2014


We are running OmniNames on Windows as a service. There is sometimes the error that omninames won't start anymore because of:
Error: parse error in log file 'C:\ProgramData\omniORB\./omninames.log' at line 138.

The line mentioned is an incomplete line like:
It seems that the IOR is missing.

Before the error occurs the system is rebooted. So a lot of Services shutdown. They will deregister at the naming service. And omninames will receive a service stop at this moment, too.
Can it be, that the writing of the log is "Thread-unsafe". So that Windows can stop omninames while the log is written.

Regards Marcus

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