[omniORB] ...must implement the inherited pure virtual method 'omniServant::_do_get_interface'

Michael Lipp mnl at mnl.de
Mon Nov 14 18:30:19 GMT 2011

Well, thanks to you Duncan and my apologies to everybody. It has turned
out that the message isn't from the compiler, it is from the Code
Analysis Tool integrated in Eclipse/CDT.

Now I only have to find out why the tool doesn't like the statement, and
why I actually was prepared to confirm the problem from my understanding
of the language. There must be something I haven't perfectly understood
about C++ yet, I'll track that down...

Thanks for your help!



Am 14.11.2011 17:50, schrieb Duncan Grisby:
> On Mon, 2011-11-14 at 16:49 +0100, Michael Lipp wrote:
>> thank you very much for your response. I'm using the calc.idl example
>> that I found on the net (appended). I didn't change anything in the
>> generated sources except for the things I mentioned (and the problem was
>> marked by the compiler from the beginning).
>> I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 which implies gcc 4.6.1 and omniorb 4.1.5.
> How are you invoking the compiler?  The code you sent works fine for me
> with this command line, albeit with gcc 4.5.1 on Fedora:
> g++ -Wall -Wno-unused -fexceptions  -D__OMNIORB4__ -I
> $HOME/omni/41inst/include -I. -D_REENTRANT -D__OSVERSION__=2 -D__linux__
> -D__x86_64__ -L$HOME/omni/41inst/lib -lomniORB4 -lomnithread calc_i.cc
> calcSK.cc -o calc_i
> Cheers,
> Duncan.

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