[omniORB] omniORB 4.1.5?

Thomas Lockhart lockhart at fourpalms.org
Wed Nov 24 08:44:52 GMT 2010

> Yes, please send the spec files. I don't know whether we particularly
> need to keep the _new versions as well. Dirk O. Kaar gave me them.
> What's the situation there, Dirk?
We do not need to keep the *_new.spec files, because I've folded the 
concepts into the spec file I'll send along asap. Many of the changes 
were done independently by Steffan N. and myself at about the same time 
Dirk was working on these other versions. I've built and tested the 
merged RPMs on one machine and will build on an x86_64 box this morning.
> I don't have any great interest in the spec files, and they're generally
> more of a problem than anything else, because I tend to forget to keep
> them up to date. Do we even need them in the distribution at all?
Yes, having a baseline version in the code repository is a good idea 
imho. But if there are issues with the RPMs on particular distros those 
can be fixed on the fly and the changes merged back in at our convenience.

                               - Tom

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