[omniORB] Remote method blocks

Masaaki Sekiya sekiya at ydc.co.jp
Wed Nov 5 18:10:48 GMT 2008

Hi Duncan , thanks for your comments.

>Both the failure cases show something odd happening. The 4.1.3 case just
>shows that the call is blocked in connect(). What exactly is going on at
>the server end?  Is there a server process running?  Is the server
>machine contactable?

There isn't a server process running and server machine is contactable.

I show you how to run this eg2 example step by step.
The hostA is server machine , the hostB is client machine.

1. In the hostA, I start the eg2_svr. eg2_svr outputs IOR as below.

% eng/eg2svr -ORBendPointPublish giop:tcp:

The hostA has multi network interfaces as below.

% ifconfig lan0
        inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
% ifconfig lan1
        inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

The lan1 is directly connected to another host (this means no router, 
bridge .. etc) so make endPoint fix to lan0 with -ORBendPointPublish .

2. In the hostB, I start the eg2_clt as below.

% eng/eg2clt IOR:..(this is output of eg2svr)
  -> It works fine. (I said, "Hello!".The Echo object replied, "Hello!

3. In the hostA, I stop the eg2_svr.

4. In the hostB, I start the eg2_clt again.

% eng/eg2clt IOR:.. -ORBtraceLevel 25 -ORBtraceThreadId 1 -ORBtraceTime 
  -> It blocks.

The information of IOR is below, which is output by catior.

Type ID: "IDL:Echo:1.0"
1. IIOP 1.2 54999 POA(root) 0x00000000  (4 bytes)
            TAG_ORB_TYPE omniORB
            TAG_CODE_SETS char native code set: ISO-8859-1
                          char conversion code set: UTF-8
                          wchar native code set: UTF-16
                          wchar conversion code set: UTF-16
> You can show thread ids in your traces with -ORBtraceThreadId 1. I'd
> suggest also using -ORBtraceTime 1 which shows times in log messages.

I attach client log of 2. as eg2clt_ok.4.1.3.log, and
client log of 4. as eg2clt_ng.4.1.3.log.

> What trace output do you get from the server?  What happens if you use
> telnet to connect to the server's port (which you can see in the trace
> messages or by using catior)?  

There isn't a server process running, while eg2clt blocks.

On the condition of 2. I can connect to by telnet 
and on the condition of 4, I can't connect to as below.

% telnet 54999
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

> Does eg2 work when client and server are on the same machine?

eg2clt throws TRANSIENT exception when client and server are on the same 
machine. ( when there isn't a server process running )

I attach client log as eg2clt_ng.4.1.3_samehost.log.

Masaaki Sekiya
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