[omniORB] linux, windows communication problem + new problems

Karl Schulze k.schulze at synedra.com
Wed Oct 11 11:17:44 BST 2006

Stephan February schrieb:
> Is it possible that the servant becomes deadlocked due to resource 
> sharing? I'm just speculating but I've been reading up on the 
> threading in omniORB and (not having looked at the example servants) 
> this sounds like a likely problem.
> Maybe you can try setting mutexes in the servant code ?
You are right this may be a problem in the servant too, but the 
communication stalls while both clients contact omniNames.
And any new connection attempt to omniNames fails too. So I am guessing 
that the problem is somehow related to
omniNames and the parameter I use and not the servant code itself.


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