[omniORB] Fixes for GCC warnings

Tamas Kerecsen kerecsen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 11:35:07 BST 2006


If you turn on the -Wextra GCC switch, it produces a bunch of warnings for a
couple of omniORB headers, and for certain types of omniidl-generated code.
GCC complains about the lack of explicit initialization for parent classes
in copy constructors. I think I've found all the instances, and fixed them
I would like to ask you to apply the attached patches to the 4.1 line, so I
don't have to maintain a patched version of omniORB for myself... (Note that
this changes the behavior of the copy constructor slightly, because the
parents will be initialized by copy constructor instead of default
constructor. If you intentionally want to not use the copy constructor for
some reason, I'd be more than happy to put together another patch, one with
explicit calls to the default constructors. GCC, as well as myself, doesn't
care which parent constructor is used, just so long as it is explicitly
stated :))

Thanks in advance,
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