[omniORB] How to get file descriptor from a CORBA request?

Alex Tingle alex.tingle at bronermetals.com
Mon Oct 2 17:22:53 BST 2006

You should avoid SINGLE_THREAD_MODEL, since it doesn't guarantee that 
your upcalls will be handled by a single thread, only that the upcalls 
will be made sequentially. OmniORB's MAIN_THREAD_MODEL is a better bet, 
since it guarantees that all upcalls are handled by the main thread.



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On 29 Sep 2006, at 22:19, Tuyen Chau wrote:

> Duncan Grisby wrote:
>> The normal approach is to put something in per-thread state. You don't
>> want to put it on the servant object because multiple clients could 
>> call
>> a single servant concurrently.
>> Cheers,
>> Duncan
> This brings up another problem for us that we didn't anticipate.  Our 
> implementation unfortunately is not thread safe.  Is there anyway we 
> can force a single thread model in omniORB?  It will be a big job for 
> us to make our code thread safe.
> Thanks for your response,
> Tuyen
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