[omniORB] create_reference_with_id

JiangWei jw.omni at sduept.com
Thu Jul 27 09:30:00 BST 2006

Jun 写道:
> I'm relatively new in CORBA and working to implement a ServantLocator.
> One question I have is what does POA.create_reference_with_id exactly do?
> Since I'm using a ServantLocator, it should just generate object 
> reference
> and shouldn't cache the newly generated reference?
> I'm asking this because I'm seeing a memory leak in my test server.
> As a test I have put a loop in ServantLocator.preinvoke() to call
> create_reference_with_id repeatedly and this seems to increase the memory
> usage.
using _var to manage memory like this:
CORBA::Object_var ref = poa->create_reference_with_id(id);

> Please let me know if you need any more details or suggestions.
> thanks,
> Jun Lee
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