[omniORB] Java RMI/IIOP with OmniORB 4.0

Rick Wong rwong at opsware.com
Mon Jul 25 18:42:12 BST 2005


I have a bunch of EJBs written in Java.  I want to be able to invoke 
these EJB from a Python client via IIOP.  I generated IDL files from the 
EJB classes, and try to have OmniOBJpy/omniidl to generate Python stubs 
and ran into a number of problems:

1) The orb.idl provided from J2SDK 1.4 defines valuetype of "valuetype 
WStringValue wstring", and ::COBRA::WStringValue is used all over the 
IDLs generated by rmic.
2) omniidl does not like 'valuetype' because it is not supported.
3) omniORB could not find the definition of COBRA::WStringValue

I'd say it is not possible for me to rewrite the EJB to use basic CORBA 
types as arguments.  Would I still be able to call these EJB methods 
using OmniORB as a Python client?  What do I do with Java Serializable 
classes (ie. Collection) that are defined as a 'valuetype' in the IDL?


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