[omniORB] Using omniORB libraries with Visual C++ 2003/7.1 (memory management issues?)

Maks Verver m.verver at student.utwente.nl
Mon May 24 21:13:06 BST 2004

Hi Luke and others,

Luke Deller wrote:
> The latest omniORB 4.0.3 binaries are built with Visual C++ 6.0.  These
> binaries will not work with Visual C++ 7.1 - you need to rebuild omniORB
> from source.

Ofcourse. I should have thought of that myself; thanks for pointing it out!
Rebuilding with/for Visual C++ 7.1 solved the problems with the debug

However, the corresponding release binaries (which are built just fine) do
not work. When running, I get the following error: "The procedure entry
point ?lock at omni_mutex@@QAEXZZ could not be located in the dynamic link
library omniORB403_rt.dll.". The entry point decodes to "void
omni_mutex::lock(void)" which is obviously not in the core DLL, but in the
omnithread DLL. When I check the core and thread DLLs with the Dependency
Walker I see that in both cases OmniORB403_RT(d).dll imports this symbol
from OmniThread30_RT(d).dll (see the attachment if you're not convinced).

Does anyone have an idea where this error comes from? Did anyone
successfully build the release libraries with Visual C++ 7.1, or am I the
first to try this? (I can hardly imagine, as the build process itself is
very straightforward and did not cause any trouble at all.) 

Thanks in advance; kind regards,
Maks Verver.
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