[omniORB] serious endPoint problem on AIX platform

Tomasz Bech tbech at polbox.com
Fri May 21 11:02:28 BST 2004

Hi all,
Platform: AIX 4.3 and 5.2. omniORB 4.0.2

Last time we encounter serious problem when we use endPoint:
-ORBendPoint giop:tcp:

and servers shows:
    endPoint = giop:tcp:

Error: Unable to create an endpoint of this description: giop:tcp:129.1
omniORB: throw INITIALIZE from objectAdapter.cc:244 
omniORB: throw INITIALIZE from corbaBoa.cc:211 (NO,INITIALIZE_FailedBOAInit)

I'm sure that port is not busy! Further more when I use endPoint like:
-ORBendPoint giop:tcp::40005
it WORKS!       
 (but we need to specify exact ip, because of several ethernet interfaces).

The same works ok on Linux.

What strange is that omniNames started with similar endPoint works! All 
is compiled using the same libraries.

Where is the problem?
(Maybe it is fixed in 4.0.3 - if so, which part of the code?)
Thanks a lot,

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