[omniORB] Problem with dynamic_cast on VC6

Alex Tingle alex.tingle at bronermetals.com
Wed May 19 12:09:58 BST 2004


On 19 May 2004, at 10:44, Bartosz Zembrzuski wrote:
> I'm using OmniOrb 4.0.3 (default binary distribution) on Windows 2000 
> and VC6.
> I got problem using dynamic_cast on CORBA::Exception.
> I know I can catch CORBA::SystemException instead using dynamic_cast 
> but  I'd rather use dynamic_cast.
> Has anybody idea what to do ???

Don't use dynamic_cast<> unless you really, really need to. Why don't 
you want to catch SystemException separately?

If you really want to just catch CORBA::Exception, then why not 
distinguish between types by using the virtual functions provided?

   catch(CORBA::Exception& ex)
     cerr<<"Caught CORBA::Exception '"<<ex._name()<<"'."<<endl;

-Alex Tingle

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