[omniORB] Newbie omniORB problem; unknown system exception?

Stephen Hansen shansen at advpubtech.com
Tue May 18 10:32:31 BST 2004

> On Tuesday 11 May, "Stephen Hansen" wrote:
> > That's all :) My C++ code, in Visual C++ 7.1, which is mostly just 
> > from the boilerplate example produced by omniidl:
> Have you compiled omniORB yourself?  If not, you must, 
> because the binaries are compiled with VC++ 6. They aren't 
> compatible with 7.1.
> You will get random exceptions and other failures if you try 
> to use the VC++ 6 binaries.

My original problem seemed to be related to having not run the .reg
file-- so that's resolved. Since then I have a basic system going that
is working fine, with no errors. However, its still fairly simple so if
you really think that I need to recompile it w/ 7.1 I have no problem
doing that.  I know that sometimes there's compatability issues between
VC6 and VC7.1, especially if certain structs are used-- but so far it
seems to be doing fine.

Thanks for your reply.


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