[omniORB] Bidirectional GIOP calls using Endpoints with Omnin ames

Young Travis - tyoung Travis.Young at acxiom.com
Tue May 11 11:14:36 BST 2004

>On Tuesday 27 April, Young Travis - tyoung wrote:

>> 	I have a server process that I am wanting to restrict all
>> communication to one port to resolve firewall issues.   I'm using the
>> version of omniORB.   I built the bidir example that came with the
>> setup the configuration and ran it.   The example worked properly, but it
>> choose an random port to open for the callback.   I added an
>> endPoint=giop:tcp:tyoung:12340, and ran it again and port 12340 was used
>> the callback which was the result that I was looking for.

>I think you are misunderstanding the point of bidirectional GIOP.

>It is designed for the case that a client is behind a firewall that
>does not permit any incoming connections. Thus, the client opens a
>connection to the server, and the server does its callback through the
>same connection. The callback does not involve opening a connection at
>all. That's the point of bidir.

>It looks like what you've seen is that the bidir server opens a new
>connection to the bidir client. In that case, you have failed to set
>bidir up correctly, and it's just using a normal callback.

You are right, I am misunderstanding bidirectional GIOP.  In my case,
omninames and my server process are running on a machine behind a firewall.
The client is installed on a machine outside the firewall.  The security
team here would like to only open up 1 port or a few known ports instead
large range of ports so that the my client can communicate with my server.
Is there a way that I can limit the ports that my client and server use? 

>> 	I then made the necessary changes to my client and server and then
>> tried to run it with the same configuration.  I get the following error
>> my server tries to resolve the Naming Service which is running on the
>> machine.   
>> omniORB: Creating ref to in process: key<0x4e616d6553657276696365>
>>  target id      : IDL:omg.org/CORBA/Object:1.0
>>  most derived id:
>> omniORB: Initial reference `NameService' resolved from configuration
>> omniORB: Invoke '_is_a' on in process: key<0x4e616d6553657276696365>
>> omniORB: throw OBJECT_NOT_EXIST from inProcessIdentity.cc:179

>That shows that you have now misconfigured omniORB so it thinks the
>reference to the naming service is in the same process as your code,
>so when you try to contact it, the object doesn't exist.



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