[omniORB] Not initialized static member CORBA::Object::_PD_repoId

Torsten Osmers osmers.t at atlas.de
Fri May 7 12:13:02 BST 2004

I've to port omniORB to borland builder 6. Because the configure script 
doesn't work, I created a special make file for the borland tools. For 
the CORBA defines I used CORBA_sysdep_trad.h.

Now I've the problem example eg2 doesn't work (eg1 does). It has an 
unmarshalling problem and crashes with a memory exception. I figured out 
that (at least) the static member constant CORBA::Object::_PD_repoId 
isn't initialized with the string "IDL:omg.org/CORBA/Object:1.0" as 
defined in corbaObject.cc. It is simply 0. May be something is wrong 
with the import out of the DLL. Currently I've no ideas what I could do. 
Please, can you give me a hint?


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