[omniORB] using configure within cygwin

Eberhard Kitzberger kitzberger at nefkom.net
Thu May 6 13:23:37 BST 2004

we try to use omniOrb4.0.3 together with Cygwin and the mingw gcc-g++ 
configure worked fine but while make some problems appeared

index and rindex are undefined in 
protected by HAVE_STDLIB_H and STC_HEADERS

in omniORB-4.0.3/src/tools/omniiidl/cxx/cccp/dir.mk
the files index.c index.o are under a switch #ifdef Win32Platform

also the PYPREFIX could not evaluate the third digit of the python version
#PYPREFIX  := $(shell $(PYTHON) -c 'import sys; print sys.exec_prefix')
PYPREFIX  := f:/programs/python-2.3.3

now I'm blocked
building _omniidlemodule.dll.1.0 because the mingw g++ does not support 
the "-shared" option.
Is there something I have to change?

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