[omniORB] range of TCP ports for endpoints?

Guy Middleton guy@certaintysolutions.com
Wed Aug 21 02:50:01 2002

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 12:14:04AM +0200, bjorn rohde jensen wrote:
>   I am pretty sure, you can not specify a range of
> ports with the endPoint option just a specific
> port or any port. You can of course add several
> endPoint options differing only in the specified
> port, but for a range of 1000 ports, that would
> hardly be ideal:) You really need such a range
> of ports? I would think, you could get by using
> just a few ports.

Hmm, that doesn't work either.  If I put this in the config file:

	endPoint = giop:tcp::12345
	endPoint = giop:tcp::12346
	endPoint = giop:tcp::12347
	endPoint = giop:tcp::12348

then the first server I start opens all four ports, and the second one fails
because it can't open any of them.