[omniORB] anyone working on omniORB4 RPMs?

Mike Mascari mascarm@mascari.com
Wed Aug 14 02:19:00 2002

Thomas Lockhart wrote:
> > > I'm rebuilding the RPMs and will send a URL when they are posted
> > > (hopefully by tonight).
> OK, the RPMs are located at
>   http://www.fourpalms.org/pub/omni


> A list of files is at the bottom of this message. Suggestions for RPM
> names would be welcome; I'm not sure the best way to identify the CVS
> snapshot version so used the date on which I pulled the tarball.
> > Will your RPMS include SSL support and therefore depend upon openssl?
> They currently have whatever comes with a plain-vanilla build, which
> probably does not have openssl. I'm happy to add it, or to incorporate
> patches which do.

I've built both Windows and Linux omniORB4 code with SSL support, but
have yet to exercise it. The SSL example appears to imply that omniORB
requires a client certificate, as opposed to leveraging SSL for
encryption and man-in-the-middle protection via server-only
certificates, so I'll have to play around with it a bit. At some point
though, an SSL-enabled RPM would be nice.

> I've used them for some relatively simple python code, so report any
> problems or send patches and I'll incorporate them. You might check for
> whether the necessary config files are installed and available...
> > Also, will the binaries have been built with the
> > --disable-thread-tracing configure option?
> Not yet. Should they?

According to:


without compiling with --disable-thread-tracing, performance suffers
greatly. I haven't encountered any deadlock situations where the thread
tracing might prove useful, but my use of omniORB is rather


Mike Mascari