[omniORB] anyone working on omniORB4 RPMs?

Mike Mascari mascarm@mascari.com
Tue Aug 13 14:23:00 2002

Thomas Lockhart wrote:
> > I'm looking for a good .spec file to build omniORB4 RPMs. Has anyone
> > already been working on RPM support for omniORB4? If not, I'm interested
> > in writing it myself. In that case I'm open to suggestions regarding
> > package layout, etc.
> Already done. I'm not sure where we are at in the v4 release cycle, but
> I've got RPMs available and can post them.
> Since there is at least one patch involved (to support DESTDIR for RPM
> building) it doesn't do much good to just post a spec file.
> I'm rebuilding the RPMs and will send a URL when they are posted
> (hopefully by tonight).


Will your RPMS include SSL support and therefore depend upon openssl?
Also, will the binaries have been built with the
--disable-thread-tracing configure option? 


Mike Mascari

P.S.: Isn't PostgreSQL enough work? ;-)