[omniORB] Watching GIOP message traffic...

Grobarcik Peter Peter.Grobarcik@start.de
Mon Aug 12 15:15:02 2002

Hi all,
a short update the article in Linux journal is naturally in english, I mxed
up 2 things, I am sorry.

Peter Grobarcik

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>An: 'Lars von Wedel'; omniorb-list@realvnc.com
>Betreff: AW: [omniORB] Watching GIOP message traffic...
>Hi all,
>I do not know about the internal omniORB features so good, but 
>this can help:
>It is in german, but in generall you use the www.ethereal.com 
>sniffer and
>look at
>the messages.
>Hope this help a little bit.
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>Gesendet: Montag, 12. August 2002 09:38
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>Betreff: [omniORB] Watching GIOP message traffic...
>is there any way to view the GIOP traffic in some (more or less)
>human readable form? Just for the fun of it, I'm interested in
>how things are actually transferred...
>I tried the manual, but didn't find the message trace levels explained.
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