[omniORB] Compilation Problem : omniidl.exe application error

Ike C. Dongon idongon@ntsp.nec.co.jp
Mon Aug 12 07:14:00 2002

Hello good day.

I've downloaded the latest release of omniORB from
sourceforge.net and tried to compiled using VC++ 6.0
in Windows 2000.  After setting the necessary requirements 
based on the provided guide (README.win32) I encountered 
compilation problem with excerpt attached below and the 
omniidl.exe encountered an application error - memory 
could not be written.

By the way, I've browsed the mailing list archive but I 
haven't found such similar case.

making export in src/lib/omniORB2...
make[2]: Entering directory
../../../bin/x86_win32/oidlwrapper.exe -gnuwin32 -bcxx -Wbh=.hh
-Wbs=SK.cc -Wba -p../../../src/lib/omniORB2  -ComniORB3
..\..\..\bin\x86_win32\omniidl -bcxx -Wbh=.hh -Wbs=SK.cc -Wba
-p..\..\..\src\lib\omniORB2 -ComniORB3 ..\..\..\idl\Naming
..\..\..\bin\x86_win32\omnicpp: stdout: Bad file descriptor
make[2]: *** [omniORB3/Naming.hh] Error 5
make[2]: Leaving directory
make[1]: *** [export] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [export] Error 2

Is it because of my "PYTHONPATH" variable?  at first this
was null because there was really no such variable - x86_nt_4.0.mk
only use "PYTHON".  However, even if I gave right value to "PYTHON"
variable still I got this application error.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

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