[omniORB] omniorb TCP ports, connection security

Guy Middleton guy@certaintysolutions.com
Thu Aug 8 18:23:01 2002

Hi all.  Sorry for the possibly naive questions here.  :-)

I'm thinking of using omniORB for an application, and I need to evaluate
any possible network security exposures.

In particular, we would need to open up some holes in a firewall, so that
remote clients can connect to a central server.  The holes would need to be
on a known set of TCP ports, so I'd like to know if there is any way to
restrict the ports that a server program uses.

Also, is there any network authentication mechanism (such as SSL) available?
I can't find any reference to one in the omniORB 3.0 manual.

Finally, can somebody point me at a comparison of omniORB vs ORBit?  We're
looking at both, and I don't yet know enough about CORBA to tell which one is
better for us.


 -Guy Middleton