[omniORB] Can I make my program listen to more than one name service?

Bruce Fountain fountainb@switch.aust.com
Fri Aug 2 07:28:02 2002

You don't really "listen" to a nameservice (unlike ,say, the event
service) - you "talk" to it. You are a pure client, and you initiate
requests to the nameservice. The NS is just a CORBA server
process like any other, so of course you can talk to as many
name service processes as you want. You have to get a
reference to each NS first though, so you would usually use
some strategy other than the usual -ORBInitRef approach to
bootstrap the naming service IORs.

If you are using omniORB4.0 then you can specify two
references in the same IOR and the client will automatically
try the second reference if the first reference fails. See Duncan's

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