[omniORB] Mystery Failure of C++ Python Extension Module Doesn't Kill Server

Duncan Grisby dgrisby@uk.research.att.com
Mon, 02 Jul 2001 09:33:08 +0100

On Saturday 30 June, Lars Immisch wrote:

> I would guess that the exception is thrown in a CORBA upcall. This would
> be executed in a separate thread and omniORBpy seems to catch the
> exception. If you turn on ORBdebugLevel 1, you should see the exception
> being caught by omniORB.

A small correction. The thing is -ORBtraceLevel 1. However, that's the
default value, so unless you have manually set it to 0, you should be
seeing the exception traceback.

You might want to try setting ORBtraceLevel to something higher, like
25, in the hope that that shows what's going on more.



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