[omniORB] NameService aborts -- DHCP problem?

Thaddeus L. Olczyk olczyk@interaccess.com
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 07:24:54 GMT

This is a two part messge.
The first describes the problem.
The second is the output from an strace of omniName.

On many platforms ( Mandrake 7.2 similar to RedHat 7.0 )
I've managed to install omniORB and start omniName.
On a couple though, what happens is that omniName dies
with an ABORT message.
The thing that seems to be different about these two is that
they are new machines on the network and their names won't
be added to the DHCP server for a while.
Is this the likely cause of the abort ( before I make myself a pain
with the sys admins)?
It seems that omniName dies during or right after some communication
with the DHCP server.
Also when I shut down bind on my home machine a similar ( slightly
different recvfrom returns a connection refused{obviously}) thing