[omniORB] Makefile example !?

GAO,YAN (HP-Singapore,ex3) yan_gao@hp.com
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 16:33:02 +0800

You are missing a precompiler flag. For me I am using HP-UX the flag is
-D__hpux__, you need to check what is the counterpart for your OS.

The best way is use the demo program and make it and find what is the
compiler flag for it.


Gao Yan

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    Here we go again. I am trying to compile (gcc) a very simple omniORB-app
(C++)  on a Linux box
((with Red hast 6.x) and I am getting a weird error :

#error "The byte order of this platform is unknown"

Is there a flag that I should set to get my stuff compiled ?

Thanks all.