[omniORB] Does omniOrb 2.4 work with TAO naming service?

Rebecca.A.Sanford@notesmta.gd-is.com Rebecca.A.Sanford@notesmta.gd-is.com
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:51:20 -0600

>> If it does not, how about later version of omniOrb? If it does, any catches I
have to take care?
>> I am trying to use TAO name service from my code using omniOrb, but got stall
during resolve.
>> Thanks
>> Bing

I've been working a lot with ORB interoperability and was
finally able to get ACE TAO to talk with omniORB using the
TAO naming service with WinNT 4.0 SP3.

I followed the information in Chapter 1.2 of the omniORB2
User's Guide and added a string value NAMESERVICE to the
is the stringified IOR of the TAO naming service.  (Use the
"-o <IOR_file>" switch when launching the TAO naming service
in order to capture this value.)

This might not be the nicest method since you have to update
the registry each time you launch the TAO naming service but
it does the job...

Good luck!
--- becs