[omniORB] Using Visual C++ with omniORB 2.7.1

Guenther Grau Guenther.Grau@bk.bosch.de
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 00:24:01 +0100

Keith Olivares wrote:
> I've just installed omniORB 2.7.1 on my machine (WinNT 4.0 SP4) and I tried
> to run the omniidl.exe run with Visual C++ 6.0.  Whenever I run the program,
> I get an error message stating that it could not find MSVCP50.DLL in my
> path.  Since I'm using ver. 6, I do not have that dll.  I do have

I think you need to recompile the complete omniorb package with the
new compiler. Search the mailing list archive. It was mentioned
just recently.