[omniORB] DSI - Invoke result ....

Mark Howells mark@softoption.com
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 15:57:23 -0000

Isn't this always the case.  In the process of isolating the 'fault' I
discovered the problem.  To be more precise I didn't discover the problem
but rather how to make it go away ... It's a complicated thing but the ORB
is held in a DLL which has to interface to another app (process) through
shared C++ objects.  Another DLL was arbitrarily deleting a memory segment
and dereferencing previously freed pointers ... you get the idea.  Case

BTW. We think omni is great.  Watch out for our upcoming product which will
(almost certainly) be based on it.

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> On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Mark Howells wrote:
> > I've written a DSI implementation for one of our products but after my
> > Invoke method is called the Dispatcher crashes, if I return a result,
> when
> > unwinding the stack.  It appears to die when trying to delete the
> > ServerRequestImpl Any_var which is used to hold the result.  I've tried
> a
> > number of ways of storing my result (a string) but always get the same
> > fauilt - even if I lift the example code from the dsi/echo source.
> > 
> > The client receives the result OK :) but the server always dies :(
> Mark,
> Have you tried running the DSI examples, and have you seen any problems?
> If not, then can you prepare a minimal example which demonstrates this
> undesirable behaviour?
> David