[omniORB] omniorb on a IBM3090?

Sai-Lai Lo S.Lo@uk.research.att.com
24 Mar 1999 12:20:09 +0000

>>>>> Gerd Klesse writes:

> does anybody know if there exists a port of omniorb onto an IBM 3090. Or is
> there any other CORBA Implementation for an IBM 3090?

An omniORB2 port to IBM mainframe does not exist. However, you may find
that it is just a matter of setting a few compilation flags and build the

Several things to check out if this is feasible:

1. Compiler, this is the most important factor. Good C++ support,
   especially with thread safe exception handling is essential.
2. Thread library, if the intention is to run within a POSIX subsystem on
   the mainframe, I guess they would have pthread. Then there is no
   need to do any porting of omnithread.

Do get in touch if you or others are interested in doing a port, either
through this list or email to omniorb@uk.research.att.com.


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