[omniORB] training

Sai-Lai Lo S.Lo@uk.research.att.com
20 Mar 1999 00:03:01 +0000

May be we should organise some training course ourselves :-)
Just a word of caution, while training provided by commercial vendors may
provide a lot of useful information, be careful to distinguish what has
been taught is CORBA standard and what is vendor specific extensions.
Be prepare to ask for confirmation if it is unclear.


>>>>> Frank Lynch writes:

> I don't know of any omni specific training.
> But I attended an Orbix (building Distributed applications with Orbix and
> C++) training course last year and it was excellent! and only $2000 for
> the week, the course focuses on CORBA rather than just Orbix. It might be
> worth a look:
> http://www.iona.com/profserv

> Frank Lynch

> On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, David Flickinger wrote:

>> We are new to the omniORB world and would like to attend some training
>> (if available). Does anyone know of any omniORB specific training
>> (omniORB C++ and/or JAVA programming).
>> thanks, df

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