[omniORB] Compatibility with ACE TAO Naming Service

Schmidmeier, Arno Arno.Schmidmeier@sirius-eos.com
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 20:43:05 +0100


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> Betreff:	Re: [omniORB] Compatibility with ACE TAO Naming Service
> Leave it to me to figure out what I was doing wrong AFTER I
> post a message to the mailing list! :)
> All I needed to do was to make sure I had the IOR of the ACE TAO
> NameService associated with NAMESERVICE (either in the OMNIORB_CONFIG
> file or as a Windows NT registry entry).
> It's still awkward to pass the NameService IOR around but at
> least my client software doesn't have to worry about it anymore.
[Schmidmeier, Arno]  Passing around the IOR of the Naming service is a =
issue. I am more concerned with setting up and configuring as well as
bootstrapping all required client machines. A central single point of
administration of different ORBs from different vendors, thats what I =
looking for. Any Ideas? Products?

> =20
> With much embarassment...
> Becki Sanford