[omniORB] MARSHAL Exception with Visibroker/Java and Any

Jan Lessner jan@c-lab.de
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 17:46:49 +0100

>    I'm seeing a problem when trying to have a Visibroker/Java process
> send an Any-encoded struct to an OmniORB process. Running it through
> the debugger I'm seeing that it is dying while trying to unmarshall the
> typecode. I believe I have all the appropriate patches applied. The
> CORBA::MARSHAL exception is being raised in
> ...
>    Has anyone else seem anything like this? It could certainly be a
> Visibroker/Java problem, but with all the new Any code in 2.7.0, I tend
> to suspect OmniORB.
A little late, but just to let you know:
We also encountered problems with Any unmarshalling in a VisiBroker JAVA
client which in our case contains octet sequences. From our
investigations it seems to be related with Netscape's built-in
VisiBroker libs which seem to a pretty old version of that software.
Everything works fine e.g. with a stand-alone VisiBroker JAVA client,
with an omniORB client, a VisiBroker server (C++ or JAVA) etc. Any
combinations works accept a Webclient using Netscapes VisiBroker

Jan Lessner, C-LAB