[omniORB] Compiling Omniorb 2.7.0 on Solaris 2.6

Sai-Lai Lo S.Lo@uk.research.att.com
10 Mar 1999 12:01:12 +0000

It seems to me the problem lies with your OS/compiler. Please check with
your sysadmin to get the machines sort out. There is little we can do to help.

>>>>> Brecht Vermeulen writes:

>> Brecht,
>> It may well be the compiler. No commercial software should give seg faults 
>> or bus errors even if you give them bad input - it's meant to report errors
>> in a useful fashion. I've certainly seen the IRIX CC fall over on a few 
>> of these files. A good rule seems to be :  if it doesn't work with -O2 
>> try it with no optimization. Then again you may need to patch the SUNpro
>> compiler and/or linker.
>> (I think I had some success with SUNWpro 4.2 a while ago)
>> cheers,
>> James

> Ive retried without optimization, but it's just the same, bus error on
> omninames, then genior...

> (and the install-sh that not succeeded)

> I ve retried on another sun now, and now the install-sh worked, and it's
> only omniNames that gives a bus error. ( I'm not a maintainer of the suns
> here ). So, the three examples work perfect on Solaris, with omniNames on
> Linux. But
> my application (that works well under Linux with omniORB, and on Sun with
> Orbix2.2MT) gives :

> libc internal error: _rmutex_unlock: rmutex not held.   

> is this the secret message to run Linux on the Sun instead of Solaris ?

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